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h2. Simple autoprocessing description

# Hard offer is proposed to the driver on the fist position in sector, where "From address" for order is.
# Soft offer is proposed to each driver in R ~min~ at the same time.
# Soft order is proposed to each driver in R ~max~ at the same time {column}{column}{info}*Driver has 30 seconds for reaction on it*\\ \\ Information about order`s proposal and driver`s reaction will be shown in Order Log*[|$...]*{info}{column}

h2. Autoprocessing S2.1 ("Sectors")

After order has been created autoprocessing starts - at that time system is trying to find a driver for the order. Operator has no ability to interrupt it.
Autoprocessing also may be started by pressing "Autoprocessing" button after you`ve clicked once at order you need.
* For order offers system will choose sectors in R ~max~ towards "From address".
* Chosen sectors will be sorted by their distance from "From address".
* In the nearest sector system will send offers to drivers according to their sector position:
** *Hard offer* \- R ~min~. If there is a driver in min radius - order will be proposed to him with preset serving time (10 minutes). Driver may accept or reject it. If order was accepted by driver - he is assigned for this order and autoprocessing stops. If driver rejects order or there is no reaction from driver in 1 minute - driver will be set to the last position in sector and his rejection will be logged in his statistics. After it order will be proposed to the next driver.
** *Soft offer* \- R ~max~. Is proposed to all drivers in max radius and they are able to choose serving time. If driver rejects such kind of offer his position in sector won`t change and it won`t be logged in his statistics.
* If there are no more drivers in sector system continues searching in the nearest one.
* If all drivers in chosen sectors`ve been polled and nobody has accepted the order or D ~max~ value has been reached (maximum quantity of polled drivers), autoprocessing stops and order takes status "cab searching" - every driver may see it in "On air orders".

h2. Default calculation values:

Minimal serving time in offer to driver - 10 minutes
GPS-taximeter threshold speed, km/h: - 18 km/h

D ~max~ = 5 drivers
R ~min~ = 2.1 km (according to max distance in 3 km by roads or max serving time 10 minutes)
R ~max~ = 5 km (according to max distance in 7.5 km by roads or max serving time 25 minutes)

h2. Autoprocessing for orders with extra services

Autoprocessing for orders with extra services (for example, minibus, delivery etc.) is the same, but order will be offered only to drivers who is able to provide such kind of extra services (and this services is "On" in his card in Settings-Drivers-Additional).

_For example. If there is only one driver with "minibus" extra service in sector and his sector position is 4, he will be the only one who gets order`s proposition (for order with "minibus" extra service)._

h2. Early autoprocessing

While you're filling new order form and you`ve filled "From address" you are able to start early autoprocessing for this order by pressing hot key(look [Hot Keys|$15859989]) and continue filling new order form. This way you may decrease time for searching a driver for the order.

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